Children Open Museum

Location: Heart of Sharjah, UAE

Client: Sharjah Investment and Development Authority-Shurooq

Duration: 2016

Services: Master Planning, Architecture and Landscape Design

Status: Concept Design


Description: As part of the development of the Heart of Sharjah, and based on the approved Master Plan of 2010, this zone has been dedicated as an open museum for children. Historically this area was covered by water, where boats used to load their goods directly into the old suq. The concept for this project is inspired by its historic setting, reflected in the curved floor patterns that echo sea waves, and the creation of water features where actual old boats are located and made interactive. Kiosks are dotted along the wavy landscape, and an open-air theater is included. Walls of the existing suq shops are made into an open gallery for the display of art and calligraphy, and as a large projection screen to tell the story of old Sharjah. Underground parking is provided for visitors of this project and the surrounding areas.