Ahl Al-Quran Mosque

Location: Ramtha, Jordan

Client: Dr. Ahmad Al-Zoaby

Duration: 2014-2018

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Landscape and Interior Design, Construction Supervision

Status: Construction Drawings and Documents - Under Construction


Description: A neighborhood mosque of 1200m2 built up area in a new Ramtha City suburb,  north of Jordan, with adjacent school for religious education. It includes a large men’s prayer hall at ground level with a mezzanine level prayer balcony, and a prayer hall for women in the basement, in addition to ablutions for men and women, an apartment for the imam and one for the mu’athen. The mosque design follows a contemporary approach with emphasis on functionality and simplicity, while providing distinction through massing, use of three colors of stone, details and colors, together with the use of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decorative patterns.